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【英語歌詞】ハイドアンド・シーク/19-iku- feat.初音ミク |Lyrics English ver.


作詞・作曲:19's Sound Factory


English Translyrics:

Afraid of being hated I kept to myself

And I hid, always hid, from the feelings that I felt

Those words that someone spoke, they hurt me so dear

So I covered my ears, and pretended not to hear

嫌われる事が怖くて 僕は僕は僕を隠した

誰かの陰口が痛くて 僕は耳を耳を塞いだ


The truth is that I'm terrible and ugly inside

So I would take my awful feelings with me and hide

I tried my best to show the world how good I could be

But I was just pretending so nobody would see

本当の僕は汚くって きっとみんな僕を嫌うから

本当の僕は隠しちゃって 綺麗なとこだけ見せてたんだ


Yet they still realized that my words were full of lies

Really I should've known better than to try and slip by

But they're not the ones at fault, there's only myself to blame

I need to step out fully, I can't keep on hiding each day the same

ある日誰の言葉も全部 嘘に聞こえて悲しくなった

そうだ僕の事を嫌うのは 誰かじゃなくて 見せたくない方の僕だ


Ready or not

'Cause here I come, taking off, I start to run

For I'm seeking out the person that I truly can be

Searching then, calling loudly as I try my best again

Till I find the honest me

今君に もういいかい ねえまだだよ 本当の僕が恋しくなって

もう一回 呼びかけてみるけどまだ 見つからないよ


Ready, here I come, now the game's just begun

No one ever seems to hear but soon they might understand

Take a stand, though I'm lost for now believe me that I can

One day find out who I am

ほら もういいかい ねえまだだよ その内声も届かなくなって

もう一体 僕は僕が誰なのか 分からないんだ


So catch me if you can, a voice is laughing out loud

This place isn't for you, so why don't you just head on out

But saying a thing; is it answer to whom?

To me standing right here or to the me you once knew

鬼さんこちら手の鳴る方へ 君は此処にいちゃいけないから

そんな事告げる僕の方が よっぽど君より鬼みたいだ


Falling down in the dark, vanishing without a mark

"All the love that you may feel is only shallow, not real"

I don't know what to believe, is it a cruel fantasy

Should I stay in the darkness, or venture out where everyone can see

遠く暗い世界に落ちた 君が最後に一言言った

君が僕を捨てて手に入れる 誰かの愛は 見せかけだけの愛だ


Ready or not

'Cause here I come, taking off, I start to run

Is it possible to ask if someone please could love me?

One more sigh, could this be the last time I may tell a lie

Maybe soon I can be free

今君に もういいかい ねえまだだよ 僕は誰かに愛されたくって

もう何回 嘘に嘘を重ねれば 救われるかな


Ready, here I come, now the game's just begun

If I stumble and should fall, or lose my way to the end

I don't know, which direction I should take, where should I go

Guess I'm clueless yet again

ほら もういいかい ねえまだだよ その内僕が僕じゃなくなって

もう一体 何がしたいのかさえも 分からないんだ


Maybe soon I'll confess, tell the truth and nothing less

I am weak, through and through, no matter what I do

If someone should choose to hate me, would it hurt even more

Then all this pain from hiding, the me I was nervous to show before

明日君に打ち明けるんだ 僕は卑怯で臆病だって

誰かに嫌われる事よりも 何十倍も辛い事に気付いたよ


Ready or not I'm

Setting out, even though I'm filled with doubt

All I'm wondering is where the honest me could be?

Tell me how, many times must I believe in what is now

Find my new identity

今僕に もういいかい ねえまだだよ 本当の君はどこにいますか

もう何回 君の事を信じれば 断ち切れるかな


Ready or not

'Cause here I come, I can see someone

As our world are drawn together I can hear you call

We're so close, is this real or how it's always supposed to go

Now's the time to face it all

今君に もういいかい ねえもうちょっと 僕の世界が君に近付いて

もう一回 呼びかけてみたら 君の声が聞こえた


Ready, here I come, underneath the sun

All the colors in sky blur with a brilliant blue

One step on, and another, I can feel this weight is gone

Now that I, now that I have found you

ほら もういいかい ねえもういいよ その内空も少し色付いて

もう一歩 足を踏み出したら ほらね やっと君を見つけた


I only wanted love but kept to myself

And I hid, and I hid, thinking there was no one else

I thought it'd be the same, and held all my pain

I was wrong, oh so wrong, now I'm calling out your name

愛される事を望んで 僕は僕は僕を隠した

痛んだ傷口を塞いで 僕は君を君を愛した