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【英語歌詞】サリシノハラ/みきとP feat.初音ミク |Lyrics English ver.




English Translyrics:

When days seem meaningless, don't go and lie

As long as I'm right here, there's no need to try

Head up high, or you'll never win

There's only dead ends wating, when you give in

大抵の事じゃ挫けない 僕は君と共にある

週末改札の向こう 銀河一等星の輝き


Yet they go on asking, when all of the time

It's always lying in the day, 'til the dead of the night

All of your flaws, with every mistake

And all the reasons that may cause you to break


人はヒヨリミなんだ しょうがない



Show me what it takes



Was everything, really what you wanted though?

Does anything, get you feeling all alone?

If so, don't be dying on me, or I'll be holding tighter

新しいトビラの前で 独りで寂しくないかな

いっそ 死にたいなんて 思ってるのかな


'Cause I'll be here, giving all my love to you

Even if there wasn't a lot for me, to do

I'll keep on trying harder to walk, you through

それでも君が好きだよ どんなに汚れた未来でも



When life gives agony, don't ever cry

As long as I'm right here, you won't need to try

The isle's where I'm always waiting for you

Out near the front, so no one's stealing the view

大抵の事じゃ砕けない 僕は君と共にあるし

最前列で手をふるよ 都内一等星の笑顔に


But there's always conflict among all the peace

It's how the world, goes around in a cycle of greed

All of that love, with all of the hate

And all the no-good lies that they all create


君は貪欲なんだ しょうがない



You face it all the same



But tragedy, always seemed to rule the fight

Reality, always had to roll the die

And I

I didn't want to see you, remain abandoned, forever

ネコミミつけてた君の フリルのエプロンドレス

嗚呼 恋のタメイキは 季節を越えて


So really then, were we ever wrong or right?

An ending, never would've come to light

Oh, why

Were we never meant to see, eye to eye?

どれだけ君を脱がせて 画面にキスしてみても

ただ 交わらない 目と目


The light dies down, yet you don't really mind

It feels like everything goes slower when you move into sight

The air gets cold, and you signal the end

But I could tell that you were, aching, with all of your stances

思った以上に 君の目は

獲物狩るような 鋭い眼つきだ

思った以上に その肩は



I'll be fine, but my heart won't agree

It keeps accelerating, every time you try looking back at me

"But I will find"

"I wanna find that hand of yours"

Until the day that I, hold it close to mine



触りたい 触りたいよ もう一度

君の軟い 手の平に


Was everything, really what you wanted though?

Does anything, get you feeling all alone?

If so, don't be dying on me or nothing else would matter

新しいトビラの前で 独りで寂しくないかな

いっそ 死にたいなんて 思ってるのかな


But even then, I would love you all the same

Even if everybody walks away, I won't

Now that we're here, I guess you'll know

それでも君が好きだよ どんなに汚れた未来でも



I was always on my own

I couldn't ever think of letting go, oh no

It doesn't matter if I was left, here to die

You can cut me depper, but I'll, be fine

'Cause in the end I wouldn't mind

ねえ 僕はここだよ どんなに小さな存在でも

君が犯した過ちに 刺し殺されてしまっても


僕は初音ミクとキスをした(ジャケットイラスト:ヨリ / 数量限定オリジナルラバーストラップ付き) [ みきとP feat.初音ミク ]

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